Enjoy Italian Pizzas In Australia With SMC

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The History of Pizza

Italians made it first before the name became big! Pizza, a word that means “pie” in Italian was traced back in Gaeta during 997 A.D and was popularly produced in both central and southern Italy. This makes Italian pizza the original. Athough there is no solid evidence that Italians in fact originated the pizza, there are few speculations where pizza has sprung its roots. Other origins were also presumed to have been from China and the Middle East. Nevertheless, pizza has always been a favorite by many people across the globe. Check Salt Meats Cheese for more details.

The popular faces of Italian pizza

If you love the greasy American pizza or your local Aussie Pizza with barbeque sauce and mozzarella cheese toppings, you will definitely love the traditional Italian pizzas offered. Here are prominent Italian pizzas that have been a treat to a pizza lover’s taste buds:

  1. Margherita Pizza – Legend says that the King Umberto I and Queen Margherita visited Naples, Italy and commanded Raffaele Esposito, to create the classic pizza–a flattened bread with tomato sauce and mozzarella toppings now known as Margherita Pizza of today.
  1. Capricciosa Pizza – or Pizza Capricciosa in popular Italian terms. The flattened dough baked inside a wood-fired oven, has a margherita base wherein tomato sauce is used, topped with mushrooms, ham, artichokes. Some versions include adding boiled eggs and black olives. A famous pizza dish, Capricciosa Pizza is no downer in appealing the stomach.
  1. Marinara Pizza – this could be the simplest pizza of all, consisting of only a flattened dough, tomato or marinara sauce as base, garlic and oregano leaves as toppings. The tomatoes are the main contributor to the look and taste. Unlike Margherita, Pizza Marinara has no cheese toppings.
  1. Quattro Formaggi Pizza – Quattro Formaggi means “four cheese” in English. The four cheese may include the following: parmesan, mozzarella, gorgonzola, Robiola, or Stracchino. They are used as toppings with fresh basil above a baked dough. If you love everything about cheese, this is for you.
  1. Sicilian Pizza – originated from Sicily, Italy, this is a thick-crust pizza that comes with tomato sauce as a base and as for the toppings: anchovies, onions, herbs and cheese are used. It is often the square variety of pizza, different from the other pizzas.

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A little of Italy in Australia

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