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About Our Pasta

There's more to our pasta than you may be used to.  We start each day by mixing the finest durum wheat and eggs to form the foundation of our award-winning doughs. For some pastas, the egg dough is enough; for others, we go a step further.  When you see a colored dough on the Alfonso Gourmet Pasta menu, you are not looking at food coloring or any other artificial ingredient.  We infuse our doughs with powdered spinach, beet, saffron, strawberry, blackberry, and mushroom to create all-natural, flavored doughs that are simply the best in the world.  Sometimes two ingredients are striped together; sometimes the taste of just one is enough.  Either way, with each bite you will know why we have become one of the fastest growing fresh pasta companies in the United States.  

Of course in our Ravioli , Tortellini, Tortelloni, and Agnolotti, the dough is just the beginning!  Throughout our menu you will find these gourmet pastas stuffed with our Chef's famous five cheese blend, an expertly crafted mixture of imported parmesan, romano, ricotta, mozzarella, and provolone cheeses.  Add in a wide variety of imported delicacies ranging from gourmet prosciutto to real Maine Lobster to much-coveted Italian Truffles, and you are guaranteed a simple-to-prepare meal that rivals the taste, texture, and quality of those found in five-star restaurants and resorts. In fact, our biggest clients are five-star restaurants and resorts!  With the new Alfonso Gourmet Pasta online store, we help bring the same dishes used by gourmet chefs around the world directly to your family dinner table. 

When you shop with Alfonso Gourmet Pasta, rest assured you are ordering the finest food that money can buy.  Our pastas are flash frozen immediately after preparation and delivered to our customers in sealed styrofoam containers packed with dry ice, assuring you the highest levels of freshness and preservation every time!




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